First person

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Instant Camera POV switching Switches from first to third person camera and vice-versa, instantly. Images (1)

Third person

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Run Forward with Bow Holding a bow and moving forward in a more natural looking manner. Images (1) Image Youtube icon
Sprint with Magic Sprint normally while still having the spells up, male and female options. Images (1) Youtube icon Youtube icon
Dual Wield Sprint Better looking sprint while dual wielding swords and daggers. Images (1) Youtube icon
Female Animation Pack Elaborated pack that replaces most of the vanilla animations. Questionmark icon Image Image Youtube icon
Pretty Motion Package Series of idle animations replacements, adding feminine movement to your character. Questionmark icon Image Image Youtube icon
XP32 New Animation Package Compilation of several animation replacers. Questionmark icon Requires FNIS.


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Directors Tools Extensive tool for in-game posing and other effects. Perfect for videos and screenshots. Images (1) Image Image Image
Puppeteer Master Adds a spell and an item that lets you manipulate the animation of your character and NPCs. Also works well with Directors Tools for videos and screenshots. Images (1) Image Image Image
FNIS Expands the number of available custom animations. It's the basic building block for most custom animations such as Pinup Poser and Dance Animations; a must have. Images (1)
PC Exclusive Animation Path Apply custom animations only to your character, by using a different animation path along with a custom race. Images (1)
Pinup Poser Adds new and standalone poses and animations. Images (1) Requires FNIS.
Image Image Image Image Image
Posers for Men New and standalone poses and animations, for males. Images (1) Requires FNIS.
Image Image Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
NSFW Adult Show XXX Sex and masturbation animations. Images (1) Requires FNIS.
NSFW AnimObjects Ero Motion Sex "ghosts" and various monsters in several positions. Images (1) Requires FNIS.
NSFW Minilovers 2.2 Skyrim's "Lovers with PK." Images (1) Requires FNIS.



Name Description Conflicts Notes
Immersive Skyrim Thunder Adds new thunder sounds which make storms frightening and real. Images (1)
Underwater Swimming SFX Fix Replaces water sounds when swimmings so that they sound like actual water. Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
New Bard Songs Adds 5 new songs for bards to sing and play. Images (1) Not all bards get the songs.


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Personalized Music Allows you to add your own music to the game, either replacing vanilla files or standalong. Images (1)
Nordic Ambient Music Replaces the ingame music with a more nordic soundtrack. Replaces everything from ambient to combat. Images (1)
College of Winterhold Music Kills the silence when you are in the College of Winterhold and allows music to be played there. Images (1)



Name Description Conflicts Notes
Xenius Character Enhancement
Nexus icon Workshop icon
XCE Dawnguard
High-resolution feet, faces, eyes, skin, scars and warpaint.
Fixes neckseams, angular faces, lips and improves fingernails.
Warning icon Doesn't include body meshes.
Image Image Image
Better Males Replaces male hands, feet, hair, skin and face textures. Comes with Nude and non-nude options. Warning icon Image
Navetsea's Female Textures Replaces face, body, hands and feet textures. Warning icon Old version.
Image Image
RaceMenu Overhauls the entirety of the character creator menu, adding a new selection of colors to most sliders, new types of warpaint combinations, face lighting, and much more. Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Straight Hair Retexture New textures for vanilla hair, makes the look hair straight and clean. Images (1) Image
Lovely Hairstyles New hair options, with a few variations such as hats, bands, and horns. Images (1)
Apachii Sky Hair Imported hairstyles from Sims 2 and various other games. Images (1) Image Image
Coolsims Hair Pack New and standalone hairstyles. Images (1) Image
Fallout 3 Hair Pack Imported hair-styles from Fallout 3. Images (1) Image
Oblivion Hair Packs Imported hair-styles from Oblivion. Images (1) Image
Cazy hairs Adds 13 new hair-styles cattered to female characters. All imported from other games. Images (1) Image
Ayane’s Hair Ayane's hairstyle from Dead or Alive. Images (1)
Inphy Hair Inphy's hairstyle from Ninety Nine Nights. Images (1)
Lore Styles hair set Brand new hairs ranging short to long variants that are lore friendly. Images (1)
HQ Beards High quality textures for beards. Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Better Beast Races Retexture pack for Argonians and Khajiit. Warning icon Image Image
Beauty Faces Replaces skin, eyes, lips and make up with hi-res textures for all females, excluding beast races. Warning icon Image
Better Freckles More realistic freckles. Images (1) Image
Coverwomen Replaces skin, eyes, lips and make up with hi-res textures. Warning icon Image Image Image Image
Coverkhajiits Higher quality of the Khajiit race textures. Warning icon Image
Enhanced Character Edit Adds new slider options, tones, faceparts and race.
Check out the page Eiries came up with, has an extensive description of the mod and what it does.
Warning icon Image
Flans Eyes Over 260 new eye textures for all races and genders. Images (1) Image Image Image Image Image
RANs HeadMesh Variants Replaces the vanilla head meshes, has a few different options. Images (1) Image
Vampires No Face Morphing Removes the appearance changes that comes with Vampirism. Images (1)
Skyrim Face Transfer Transfers the face of a character to another save. Images (1)
Argonian Improvements - Horns Completely new textures for Argonian horns, adornment and hair. Images (1) Image Image Image



Name Description Conflicts Notes
CBBE New textures for female face, body, hand and feet; new meshes for body, hands and feet. Warning icon Image
CBBEv3M Bigger butts, bigger thighs for CBBEv3. Warning icon Image
Bodyslide More options for customizing CBBE body mod. Warning icon Image
CHSBHC Breasts and butts physics. Images (1) Youtube icon
RBBB Fat women. Requires CHSBHC. Warning icon Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
UNP High-resolution textures for face, body, hands and feet; new meshes for body, hands and feet. Warning icon Image
UNPB Increases maximum size of breasts, thighs and butt for UNP. Warning icon Image
UNPCv2 Project UNP's version of the CBBE/CBBEv3m BodySlide. Warning icon Image
UNPB-BBP Breasts and butts physics. Images (1) Youtube icon
Barbarian and Milkdrinker Skin Toned body skin for strong, independent women who need no Dovahkiin. Warning icon Made by a fellow /vg/ regular.
Image Image Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Futanarium for CBBE and UNP Standalone cock implanter for your waifu. Images (1) Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Height Adjusted Races with True Giants Changes the height of all the playable races plus the Giants to be more "fitting". Images (1) Image
Elder Race Play as an old man or woman. Images (1) Image
Custom Races Adds mirrors of the vanilla races that uses different sets of meshes and textures. Images (1)
Dragh Standalone race of Argonians focused on heavy-combat.
Drachis textures are recommended.
Images (1)
Ashen Standalone race with oriental looks. Images (1) Not lore-friendly.
Nidia Standalone race with its own meshes and textures. More information. Images (1) Not lore-friendly.
Cherry Standalone "beauty" race. Images (1) Not lore-friendly.
Ashen Loli/Shota Uses Ashen as base for a loli race, and custom shota race. Images (1) Shota still in alpha stage.
Monli Loli Uses CBBE as base for a loli race. Images (1)
Nidia Loli Uses Nidia as base for a loli race. Images (1)
Children of Skyrim
Hearthfire Version
Overhauls the vanilla children and adds them as a playable race.
Hearthfire version makes some of them adoptale.
Warning icon CTD when beheading children.
Xvision Children Overhauls the appearance of vanilla female children, with an optional playable race. Warning icon Male children is WIP.



Name Description Conflicts Notes
Real Wildlife Hundreds of variants of the vanilla wildlife. Images (1)
Realistic Animals and Predators Gives new AI to animals and predators, complete food chain, mating season, mating season, morale, farm variants and more. Questionmark icon Image Image Youtube icon
Skyrim Monster Mod
Dawnguard Patch
Over a hundred new creatures and monsters. Images (1) Image Image Image
Pets of Skyrim Cats, new dogs, rabbits and wolves throughout Skyrim. Images (1)
Birds of Skyrim More than a dozen new types of birds. Images (1)
Birds and Flocks Puts more birds and bats into Skyirm. Images (1)
More Village Animals Makes farms and cottages look more lively. Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Convenient Horses Complete cavalry overhaul with tweakable in-game options. Warning icon Compatible with UFO, EFF, AFT.
Mounted Followers Lets your followers mount horses and follow you. Warning icon
Horse Inventory Lets you use the vanilla inventory that comes with every horse. Warning icon
Faster Vanilla Horses Increases the walking and running speed of vanilla horses. Warning icon
Essential horses Horses don't die. Warning icon
Enhanced Horse Skins High-resolution texture for horses. Warning icon
Horse Armor Armor for each kind of horse based on the Hold. Warning icon
Horses Gone Wild Wild rideable horses. Images (1)
Horse Branding Tamable wild horses. Images (1)
Like a Boss New mounts like mammoths and horkers. Images (1)
Armored Sabre Cat Mount Armored saber-cat as a mount. Images (1)
Conjurable Ethereal Horse Summon an invincible ghastly-looking horse with a spell. Images (1)
Skeleton Demonic Horse Skeletal horse. Images (1) Standalone.
Mounted Casting Cast spells and use powers while mounted. Images (1)
Unicorn Mountable unicorn. Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Dragon Overhaul Dragons are tweaked to use implemented but not used shouts, combat abilities, and more. More interesting battles. Warning icon
Dragons Diversified Several different types of dragons, each with unique shouts and abilities. Balanced. Warning icon
Deadly Dragons New dragons with custom textures and abilities. Known to bloat save files after a while. Warning icon
Behemoth The Feathered Dragon Adds a feathered dragon based off Dark Souls. Images (1) Replaces Odahviin.
Dragon Remains Dragons don't become skeletons. Images (1) Aesthetics purposes only.
Bellyaches New Dragon Species and Odahviing Replacer Adds new high quality textured dragons in hand-picked spawn locations.
Beware the lesser dragon swarms if you have combat overhaul mods.
Images (1)
Alduin is not made of plastic Lessens the intense shine and glossiness on Alduin's skin. Images (1) Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Dwemer Spectres
Workshop icon Mediafire icon
Adds Dwemer spectres from Morrowind back into Skyrim. Warning icon Image Image Youtube icon



Name Description Conflicts Notes
Complete Crafting Overhaul Balances crafting and adds recipes. Requires Smithing Perks Overhaul and Weapon and Armor Fixes. Images (1)
Smithing Perks Overhaul Fixes several smithing nuances. Use with Complete Crafting Overhaul and Weapon and Armor Fixes. Questionmark icon
More Craftables Adds a multitude of vanilla items to the crafting system.
Use with Lost Art of the Blacksmith.
Images (1)
Workshop icon Mediafire icon
Removes and replaces items in leveled lists with static weapons and armors throughout Skyrim. Questionmark icon
Lorecraft New type of crafting management so new mods don't clutter the crafting station's list. Images (1)
Pocket Crafting Portable crafting stations. Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Custom Difficulty Tweaks damage done and damage received across difficulties. Questionmark icon
The Dance of Death Customize killcam and killmoves settings. Images (1)
Locational Damage Adds damage hitboxes to 16 new bones. Images (1)
Third Era Attributes Adds attributes back to Skyrim. Images (1)
Classic Classes and Birthsigns Brings back the classes systems, with an overhaul of the birthsigns. Images (1)
WARZONES Adds and dynamically increases the number of Civil War battles, territory battles, random encounters, & random skirmishes. Questionmark icon Warning icon
Occupy Skyrim Overhauls many random events encountered throughout skyrim, adds mob battles. Questionmark icon
Dual Wield Parrying Block whilst dual wielding. Images (1)
Eagle Eye Perk 3x Zoom Increases thrice the zoom in the Eagle Eye perk. Images (1)
Arrows Tweaks Several optional tweaks to arrow and archery in general. Images (1)
Proper Aiming Disables passive auto-aim, fixes aiming with bow and spells. Images (1)
Combat Morale If a group of enemies sense danger, they will either flee or yield. Warning icon
Mercy True yield. Warning icon
Improved Combat Sounds Replaces vanilla sounds related to combat with higher quality ones. Images (1)
Dual Flurry For All Dual Flurry perk for all kinds of weapons. Images (1)
Realistic Ragdolls and Force Reduces the extra force applied to ragdolls to a more realistic level and replaces ragdoll mechanics so they are no longer stiff and fall at a faster velocity. Images (1)
Stealth Immersion Fix Changes how long NPCs search for stealth characters if attacked. Warning icon Youtube icon
Reneers Crime Overhaul Small tweaks to the bounty system. Animals are not witnesses anymore. Images (1)
Classic Classes and Birthsigns Adds 21 different classes with related birth-signs and standing-stones. Images (1)
Skills at Level Zero Your character begins 0 on all skills, as opposed to the vanilla 15. Images (1) Try this as well.
No Health and Reduced Magicka Regeneration Removes health regeneration and nerfs mana regeneration, for players who seek a more realistic/survivalist gameplay. Images (1)
Higher Bounties Your crimes in Skyrim actually make a difference. Images (1)
Uncapper Ups the skill cap from 100 to 300, allowing you to level up to 252. Images (1)
Killable Essential Characters Kill essential characters by using a power attack when they are bleeding out. Questionmark icon
TK Dodge Allows you to dodge attacks depending on weapon used. Questionmark icon


Name Description Conflicts Notes
ACE A series of independent plugins that changes several aspects of combat in Skyrim. Most of the changes are tweakable. Questionmark icon
ASIS Increased spawns, automatic spells for NPC's, potions for NPC's, and a customizable AI Questionmark icon
DUEL Tweaks for several combat modifiers. Questionmark icon
Deadly Combat Faster-paced, responsive and realistic combat. Questionmark icon
Duke Patrick's Combat Overhaul based off the author's experience in real life medieval combat. (wat) Questionmark icon
Path of Shadows Sneaking, lock-picking and pick-pocketing overhaul. Images (1)
Hokuto Shinken: The Fist of the North Star Adds a new sub-tree under Two-Handed dedicated for unarmed combat. Questionmark icon Speech Tree Replacer
Unarmored Perks Wearing clothing (or butt naked) increases your armor rating via perks in its own unarmored tree. Questionmark icon
Grandmaster Complete overhaul of unarmed and unarmored combat, replaces speech tree. Questionmark icon
Tales of Lycanthropy Complete overhaul of the lycanthropy system. Images (1)
Vampire Overhaul Complete overhaul of the vampirism system. Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Alternate Start - Live Another Life Several new beginnings to your character, such as working at an Inn, new member of a guild, adventurer, and more. Warning icon
Alternate Starting Factions New ways to start the game, with equipments and quests. Warning icon
Child Adoption Lets you adopt children from the orphanage in Riften. Images (1)
Divorce Simple bat file that lets you get divorce and opens marriage again within 24 hours. Images (1) Simple bat file.
Spouses Can Live Everywhere Move the current location of your spouse to one of your liking. Images (1) Works with mods.
No Essentials
No-Essential NPCs
Kill Them Generals
Killable Children
Removes the essential flag from all or specific types of NPCs.
Non-mod alternative
Questionmark icon High chances of breaking a quest.
No pause between lines Removes the pause between lines so it feels more fluid. Images (1)
You are not the Dragonborn PC won't learn shouts nor absorb dragon souls. Images (1) Use with Immediate Dragons.
Expanded Carriage Service Adds carts to small villages and towns. Images (1)
Dwemer Names Changes most in-game instances of Dwarf, Dwarven, and Dwarves to Dwemer. Images (1)
Crafting Takes Time Changes crafting so it takes in-game hours (adjustable) to produce an item. Images (1)
Owned Fixes ownership of items after the NPC died. Images (1)
Bring Out Your Dead Adds coffins, tombs and graves to unique NPCs and transfer their belongings to it when they die. Images (1)
Expensive Carriages and Inns Balances the price of carriage and Inn services to something more realistic. Images (1)
Get Drunk Adds radial blur, distortion, stumbling, and other inebriation effects after consuming an alcoholic beverage. Images (1)
Fishing In Skyrim Adds fishing nets to the game, and new types of fish and seafood. No fishing rods yet. Images (1)
Hardcore Encumbrance Realistic weight and calculated player encumbrance with a slow effect to movement. Warning icon
Scenic Carriages Adds scenic option to carriages, so you actually travel Skyrim. Made by a Bethesda employee. Warning icon
Carriages and Ships Adds carriages to smaller towns and cities, locomotion with ships. Warning icon
Realistic Running Speed Adjusts running speed to something more realistic. Warning icon
Realistic Jump Height and Damage Balances jump height and fall damage. Images (1)
Smash locks and lock doors Break through locks with your weapons. Images (1)
Skyrim Coin Replacer
Khajiit Speak - Complete Dialogue Overhaul Khajiit text appears as if they were spoken by a Khajiit. Images (1)
Light up the Night - People Have Torches NPCs have torches in their inventory. Images (1)
Footprints You and other NPCs make footprints as you walk in the snow. Images (1) Mud and sand footprints are still being worked on.
Wet and Cold Water dripping, NPCs breath shows in cold weather, blinding or blurring effects during rain or blizzards, NPCs entering their homes or Inns during a storm, and even using hoods and gear from vanilla or from mods automatically. Images (1) Image Image Image
Random Alternate Start You pick different types of preset inventories, and is thrown at a random location in Skyrim to begin a new character.


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Camping Adds tents, bedroll, tanning rack, alchemy table, tinderbox and more for your Dovah-on-the-go!
Equipments are sold in stores or craftable.
Images (1)
Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger Adds a basic camping system. Images (1)
Portable Camp Adds a custom made camping set that you can place anywhere with plenty space inside. Comes with tent, fire, seat, cooking pot, etc. Images (1)
Pocket Campsite Build and customize to your desire a camp, fortress, or anything else you can come up with within means of this mod. Good alternative for people who aren't too comfortable yet with the CK. Images (1) Image Image Image
Build Your Own Home Let's you build piece by piece your own customized home. Images (1) Image Image Image
Bedrolls Craftable, standalone and havok-enabled bedrolls. Images (1)
Nexus Mediafire
Eat, drink and sleep. Most unobtrusive of all survival mods. Warning icon
Imps More Complex Needs Complex system of hunger, thirst and sleep that includes calories, protein, fatigue, etc. Warning icon Has a lite version.
Total Realism - Basic Needs Simple hunger, thirst and rest survival mod. Warning icon
Hypothermia Adds a configurable temperature mechanic to the game. Warning icon
Frostfall Adds temperature and camping features. Warning icon
Valuable Hunting+ Balanced pelts prices and general improvement to hunting. Images (1)
Deadly Traps and Sickly Diseases Turns traps into dangerous devices and makes diseases have a more realistic impact. Images (1)
Deployable Traps Portable and deployable traps that you can carry around and use to capture preys. Questionmark icon
Better Hunting Prices Increases the sell price of pelts, and adds a bunch of new hunting items. Warning icon
Sleeping and Fast Travel Dangers Random chance of of enemies spawning while you sleep or fast travel. Images (1)
Torches for Skyrim Several different options so you can tweak torches to your liking. Questionmark icon
Get Snowy Covers your character and armor with frost when under the snow. Images (1)
Pocket Campsite Build and customize to your desire a camp, fortress, or anything else you can come up with within means of this mod. Good alternative for people who aren't too comfortable yet with the CK. Images (1) Image Image Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Requiem Overhauls several gameplay aspects and mechanics to fit the author's vision. Images (1)
Shorter Cell Respawns Dungeons and other cells will spawn NPCs faster. Images (1)
Erkeil Real Skyrim Overhaul Completely removes level scaling in Skyrim. Images (1)



Name Description Notes
Immersive Armors Combines pieces from different vanilla armors and modded armors to make new lore-friendly oufits. Image Image Youtube icon
Omegared99 Compilation New sets of armors resulted from the combination of completely new meshes and other mods. Image Youtube icon
The Witcher 2 Armors & Shields Pack Armors and shields from The Witcher 2 game. Image Image
Bob's Armory Several unique weapons, armors and accessories. Image
The Chronicles of Steel Lots of unique weapons and armors, as well as new ones based on vanilla. Image
Andragorn's Armoury Variants of vanilla weapons and armors. Image
Bucklers Bucklers and other types of shields. Image
Crown Helmets Changes helmets to look more like crowns, allowing your characters hair to show through. Image
Less sexual female armor For all your lore-friendly needs. Image
Black Mage Armor
Nexus icon Workshop icon
Five types of armors in black color and different pieces, for light-geared characters like assassins and mages. Image Image Image
Classic Nord Shields Adds 225 new shields; both heavy and light. Image
Dread Hunter and Huntress Armor Echo Light and Heavy armor sets inspired by Diablo 3's Demon Hunter Image
Nernie's Armor Pack Adds various robes made of various textiles. Image
Open Face Helmets Craftable open-face helmets. Image
Elven Overhaul Improves Elven and Gilded armors and adds a black Elven armor for the Thalmor. Image Image Image

Light Armor

Name Description Notes
Triss Armor Retextured Triss armor outfit from The Witcher series, in several different colors and options. Image
Black Tower and Black Sacrament Armor Modified Nightingale armor, standalone or replacer. Image
Masters of Death Combines pieces from Ebony armor, Dark Brotherhood and other outfits. Image
Nightmare Armor Nightingale armor set variant. Image
Archer outfit Mash-up A mash-up of several armors from other mods.
Made by Haishao.
Hammerfell Assassin Suit Black Hammerfell Garb. Image
Winterscale Armor Chainmail and face-bandana, for both male and female. Image
Nights Watch Armor Dark & edgy version of the Vanguard armor. Image
Oriental weapon and armor set Non-skimpy outfit based on traditional oriental dress, with a stylized weapon. Image
Equipment Of Eternal Shine A black and blue version of elven armor. Image
Nordic Hunter Combination of vanilla and other modded armors. Image
The Dark Brotherhood Armor TS Edition A more rugged looking Dark Brotherhood armor. Image
Yuravica’s Dark Brotherhood Robe A replacer for Oblivion that Tangelo ported to Skyrim. Image
Assassins Rangers and Thieves armor Dark robes outfit with monk robe hood. Image
Grace Darklings Ranger Armor A Female only Ranger armor, with chain-mail. Image
Apotheus Light Armor Supposedly made out of Sleeping Tree Sap leather by an Orc while high on Skooma. Image
Scout Armor Adds a heavily modified Blades armor textures and mesh alongside modified Imperial boots + Ulfric's Guantlets. Image
Mercenary Tabard Based off the Witcher series, with custom armor pieces. Image
Witcher 2 - Knights Light Plate Image
Better Shrouded Armor Shrouded robes replacement. Image
Shrouded Robes Revisited Shrouded robes replacement. Image
Apotheus Light Armor Adds a new light armor outfit with red and green variations. Image
Ermac Armor Set Ermac armor from Mortal Kombat. Image
Thief Armor A light armor outfit, complete with gloves, hood, and boots. Image
Blood Witch Armor New high-resolution and original armor set. Image

Heavy Armor

Name Description Notes
Dragon Priest Armor Dragon priest armor for both male and female. Image
Dragon Age 2 Armors Part 2 Several Dragon Age outfits. Image
Einherjar Armor Combination of several vanilla and modded armor pieces. Image
Hedge Knight Armor For the wandering knights. Image
Redguard Knight Armor Combines pieces from other armors, Redguard-style. Image
Baratheon Armor Based on the armor Robert Baratheon uses in the Game of Thrones series. Image
Vanguard Armor First armor to have an animated helmet. Image
Dwarven Bionic Suit Adds a mecha-suit, Dwemer style. Image
Torumekian Armor Armor from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Image
Shining Paladin Adds an armor set that looks like a combination of Ebony and Steel Plate. Image
Daedric Lord Armor Morrowind-style Daedric armor. Image
Akaviri Samurai Armor Retex of the Blades armor with a new helmet. Image
Silver Dragon Armor Made from scratch. Image
Knights of the Nine Comes with a nini-quest. Image
Avalon Knight Armor Knight armor from Order of Avalon. Image
Cute Knight Armor Cute knight armor. Image
Lancer Dread Armor Lancer Dread armor. Image
Space Wiking Dwemer Exoskeleton Dwemer-style exoskeleton. Image
Samurai Blades Armor A remodel of the vanilla Blades Armor to a more samurai-eqsue version. Image
Daedric Armor and Weapons Improvement Changes the textures and meshes for daedric armor and weapons. Image
Perfect Legionnaire Image
Alduins Scale Armor A new armor stronger than daedric armor. Image
Matys Mithril Adds mithril armor akin to Oblivion's. Image
Seratic Armor Three different sets of heavy armor, with chainmail and steelplate. Image
TES4 Legion Armor [1.0] Brings back legion armor from TES4: Oblivion. Image
Dragon Knight Armor Heavy armor set that mixes parts from Ebony, Dragonbone and other modded armors. Image Image Image

Mage Armor

Name Description Notes
Field Mage Outfit Female Battle-mage outfit. Image
Robed Steel Plate Armor Combines steel plate armor with mage robes. Image
Glass Mage Armor Combines glass armor with mage robes. Image
The Dark Follower Armor Lore-friendly, non-skimpy mage armor. Image
Dragonhide Robes Combines dragonbone, robes and hide pieces. Image
Dark Descent Robe Lore-friendly mage armor. Image
Dragon Bone Mage Armor Special dragon bone armor for mages. Image
Tribunal robes set Image


Name Description Type Notes
Actualize Apparel - Crafting Clothing Modifications of vanilla clothing pieces. Clothing. Image
Arthorious' Armor Made Pants Adds cool, lore-friendly pants. Clothing. Image
Ragged Trousers HD Replaces the ragged trousers. Comes in two flavors: Dark Brotherhood and vanilla colors. Clothing. Image
Scarves of Skyrim Adds scarves in multiple colors and patterns. Accessory. Image
Prometheus Capes
Prometheus Imperial Winter Heavy Armor
Prometheus Imperial trooper Chainmai
Manly capes for manly warriors. Accessory. Image
Cloaks of Skyrim Adds cloaks in several colors. Accessory. Image
Winter Is Coming Several cloaks, hoodies and garments based on the Game of Thrones series. Accessory. Image
Fur Hoods HD Adds fur hoods with three different textures resolutions. Hat. Image
Fur Bag Adds a neat fur backpack with Fortify Carry-weight enchantment. Accessory. Image
Sabre Gear Backpack Adds a few different backpacks with Fortify Carry-weight enchantment. Accessory. Image
Leather Backpack Adds stylish backpacks. Accessory. Image
Skyrim Accessories Adds 50 head pieces, 4 shields and 2 armors. Varioius Image
Green Feelers
Romantic Flower
It's just like Ragnarök Online!
Made by Haishao.
Various. Image
Dwemer Goggles and Scouter Adds craftable goggles and a scouter, Dwemer style. Accessory. Image
NorseViking Chainmail Adds viking-themed chainmail vestments. Clothing. Image
Headchain Adds a chaninmail headpiece. Hat. Image
Apple of Archer Adds a Apple of Archer hat.
Made by Haishao.
Hat. Image
Model Training Hat Better posture while killing dragons.
Made by Haishao.
Ronin outfit Adds a Japanese style outfit with several flavors. Clothing. Image
Plush Backpack Adds plush-like backpacks in bear form. Accessory. Image
Wearable Lanterns Adds equippable lanterns that hang from your waist. Accessory. Image
Nun Outfit A simple nun outfit. Clothing. Image
Legion Helmet A legion helmet. Hat. Image
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches Adds several bandoliers, bags, pouches, and much more. Each has a carry weight enchantment. Accessory. Image
Skull Helmets Adds a few skull helmets. Hat. Image
Grace Darklings Ranger Dress Adds a long dress in different colors, with a Tolkien-elf look to it. Clothing. Image
Craftable Panties Bras and Stockings Adds craftable undergarmants. Clothing. Image
Wanderers Hoods Hoods separated from the vanilla robes. Hat. Image


Name Description Notes
aMidianBorn Armors Retextures
aMidianBorn Steel Armor High quality HD remake of steel armor textures. Image
aMidianBorn Iron and Banded Armors High quality remake of the iron armor textures. Image
aMidianBorn Steel Plate Armor High quality remake of the steel plate armor textures. Image
aMidianBorn Leather Armor High quality remake of the leather armor textures. Image
aMidianBorn Elven Armor High quality remake of the Elven armor textures. Image Image Image
aMidianBorn Dwarven Armor High quality remake of the Dwarven armor textures. Image Image Image
aMidianBorn Hide and Studded Hide High quality remake of the hide and studded hide armor textures. Image Image Image
aMidianBorn Fur Armor High quality remake of the fur armor textures. Image Image Image
Improved NPC Clothing Increased textures for vanilla NPC clothing. Image
Hoodless Archmage Robes Removes the Hood from the Archmage Robes, allowing you to wear any helmet. Image
Winterhold Guards Have Shields Adds a shield to Winterhold Guards inventory. Image
Accingite Vos - Shields High-quality shield re-textures. WIP. Image
Millenia Weapon Retexture Project High-resolution vanilla weapons re-textures. WIP. Image
Hvergelmirs Armor and Shield Retexture High-resolution vanilla armor re-textures. Image
Masked Orcish Helmet Adds a version of the Orcish helmet as either a replacer or as a new item. Leveled list option. Image
Bingles Buff Male Daedric and Ebony Armor Image
No Helmets Required Removes the necessity of helmets with perks that use full set of armor. Image
HD High Resolution Armors High-Quality armor textures. Image
No arrow in my body Removes every arrow stuck in your body automatically. Image
Unique High Definition Textures Increases armors and weapons textures resolution and details. Image
Vanilla Armor for CBBE Vanilla armor and clothing pack converted for CBBE. Image
Vanilla Armor for UNP Vanilla armor and clothing pack converted for UNP. Image
Combination Vanilla Outfit for UNP Separates most of vanilla oufits into parts, like pants, shirts, skirts, etc. Image
Armed to the Teeth - Easy Version Just like the original mod, but with a simple .ini edit. Does everything ATTT does, but also works with mods and is bug-free.



Name Description Notes
Weapons of the Third Era Dozens of weapons from Morrowind and Oblivion.
Original with meshes update.
JaySuS Swords Adds 47 new weapons. Image
Malos Weapons Adds 22 new weapons. Image
LOTR Weapons Collection Several weapons from Lord of the Rings. Image
Vicious Weapon Pack Weapons with custom animations. Image
Andragorn's Armoury Adds a variety of high quality unique weapons to the game world. Image
Weapon Variants Expansion Variants of the vanilla weapons. Image
Bob's Armory Several unique weapons and armors. Image
The Chronicles of Steel Weapons and armors based off vanilla. Image
Dragonbone Weapons Adds weapons to dragon smithing. Image
Nicoroshi Creations All of Nico's weapons in a single package. Image
Arcania Armory Weapons and shields from the game Arcania. Official website (out-dated)
Diamond Weapons Set of diamond weapons. Image
Dread Knight Weapon Set Image
Extended Vanilla Weapons Scythes, short blades, spears, and more variations of the vanilla weapons. Image
Dragon Age Weapons Pack]
Nexus Workshop Part 1 & 2
Every Dragon Age weapons released so far in a single package. Image
Unexpected Blades Adds five new lore-friendly blades each with their own prerequisites to obtain. Image



Name Description Notes
Faal Sizaan Adds an Ancient Nordic long-bow. Image
Newermind Bow Collection A series of new bows that uses vanilla meshes such as mammoth tusks, skeleton bones and others. Image
Better Bows Retextures of vanilla bows, made into unique ones with specific purposes. Image
The Bow of Iorveth Adds the bow Iorveth uses in The Witcher 2. Image
Bow Of Shadows New bow with custom meshes and textures. Image
Narquelion None. Image
Bow Of Gunnar Sigvatson Exotic new bow with custom meshes and textures. Image
Siege Bow Collection A collection of Dwemer-style bows with lots of weird attachments. Image


Name Description Notes
Enhanced Crossbows Enhanced Tweaks a little bit the enhanced crossbows meshes from Dawnguard. Image
Dragonbone Crossbow New crossbow with dragonbone bow meshes. Image
Daedric Crossbow Retextured crossbow with some Daedric bow meshes. Image
Bound Crossbows Bound-spell version of crossbow. Image
DFB - Dawnguard - Crossbows Adds crossbows to the world leveled list. Image
Dwarven War CrossBow Very detailed new set of crossbows, with extra armament such as grenade thrower and more. Image
Craftable Crossbows and Bolts Lets you craft crossbows and bolts at forges. Image


Name Description Notes
Dwarven Mechanical Equipment Two shields and one blade. Youtube icon
Ripper Sword Exotic Daedric sword, can only be created in the Sky Forge. Image
Loner's Sword One-handed and two-handed swords with some dragon symbols. Image
Nicos Raven Swords Image
Chakram Weapon Circular weapons that uses the same animations of daggers. Image


Name Description Notes
Swords of Urukathek Urukathek swords from Dragon Age, ported by Haishao. Image
Soulfrost Greatsword Two-handed sword from the Dragon Age. Image
Classic Scythe Adds four classic-looking scythes. Image
Blade of the Monarch Greatsword artifact. Image
Thresher Maul Image
TendeRRizer Image


Name Description Notes
Smooth Blade Draw and Sheathe Makes the draw and sheathe movements more smooth and discreet for one-hand blade and daggers. Image
Realistic Weapon Swing Sounds Replaces weapon swings to something crispier and more realistic. Image
Proper Length Arrows Questionmark icon Makes arrows the correct length. Image
Smooth 2-Handed Draw and Sheathe Sounds Removes sheathe noise from 2h weapons and changes weapon draw sound. Image
DFGs Blade And Dagger Sheathe Sounds Mod Replaces the sheathing sounds for blades and daggers with a more detailed sound.
Fixes the bug where some daggers would play the one handed blade sound and instead of the dagger sound.
Greatsword sheaths and scabbards Adds a scabbard to your back that holds greatswords. Image
1H Weapons on Back Questionmark icon Moves one-handed scabbard to your back. Also removes sheathing sound (BUG). Image
Well Placed Weapons and Quivers Questionmark icon Places weapons and quivers more appropriately on your back. Image
Sounds of Archery Replaces several sounds related to archery. Image
Bloodier Combat Adds blood effects to various spells, scripted effects for spell and melee perks, and archery. Blood decals can get messy.
Crimson Tide - Blood Different blood decals and graphics. Image
More Blood and Gore Increases the scale of blood spurt. Follow the .ini tweaks in the description of the mod for best results. Image
Armed to the Teeth Look bad-ass with all your weapons equipped at the same time. Custom Weapons
Auto Unequip Arrows Removes quiver and arrows from your character, for aesthetics purposes. Image
No Crit UI SFX or No Sneak Attack Sound Takes out the noise that the game makes when when the player gets a critical strike. Image
Quiet unsheathing of enchanted weapons Removes the noise that enchanted weapons make when unsheathed. Image
Arrows in the Everywhere Allows more arrows and ice shards to stick in actors, and for much longer. Image
1HD Weapons on Back TS Edition Moves the one-handed sheathe of every weapon to the back of your character. Image
DSpSoB Questionmark icon Dual sheathing and shields, on your back. Image
Weapon Positioning - Weapons on Back Questionmark icon Postions one-handed swords, daggers, staves, etc on the back of your character.
Requires Armed to the Teeth.
For custom weapons, use this.
Common items as weapons Image
Unique High Definition Textures Increases armors and weapons textures resolution and details. Image
Weapon Retexture Project Replaces the vanilla weapons textures with high-resolution ones. Image Image Image
Epic Skyforge Steel Weapons Bumps up the Skyforge Steel weapons textures resolutions and gives them a better look overall. Image Image Image
WE HR Silver Swords Increases Silver sword texture to 1024 and makes them more noticeable. Image Image Image



Name Description Conflicts Notes
Longer Duration Crafting Potions Crafted potions last 10 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Images (1)
Longer poison duration Crafted poison last longer. Images (1)
Combine Potions Combine your weaker health, magicka, or stamina potions into stronger ones. Images (1) Uses the Cooking Pot.
The Great Book of Alchemy A book with every potion and poison recipe for alchemists on-the-go. Images (1)
Reweighed Potions Tweaks the weight of potion containers. Images (1)
Alchemy Ingredient Storage Places satchels on most alchemy tables.
Alchemy Overhaul New potions, poison, effects and names. Questionmark icon
Cooking Expanded Adds several new recipes for cooking. Warning icon Yummy!
Babettes Feast New recipes and dishes for people who love cooking pixels. Warning icon
Gromit's Cooking Overhaul Complete overhaul, changes most recipes, adds new ones, makes the food system useful. Warning icon
Harvest Overhaul Overhauls animals, food in general, and the harvest of ingredients. Questionmark icon
Phitts Alchemy and Food Overhaul Warning icon
Skooma Incorporated Adds more powerful skooma and Khajiit dealers dressed in unique robes. Warning icon


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Enchanting Plus Enchanting everything with anything, with a bit more balance. Images (1) Four different mods in a single package.
Enchanting Freedom Opens up every enchantment for every item in the game. Images (1)
Enchanting Rebalanced Balances enchanting so it's not broken. Images (1) For the players who can't control themselves.
Acquisitive Soul Gems Makes souls only use appropriate gem and makes filled gems behave properly. Questionmark icon
Animated Enchantment Effects Images (1) Image
Named Souls in Gems Soul gems bear the name of the victim Images (1) Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Balanced Magic Fixes magic to be make mages a little more powerful. Warning icon
Better Magic Buffs up spells through perks. Warning icon
Empowered Magic Rebalances magic and changes specific spells effects. Warning icon
Minimalist Magic Overhaul Re-balances and adds a lot of QoL fixes to the whole of magic system. Warning icon Unobtrusive and simple.
Midas Magic Adds a series of unique, "craftable" spells to the game. Images (1) Youtube icon
Phenderix Magic Evolved Adds 200+ spells. Images (1) Youtube icon
Battlemage's Arcanes Tactical Spellcasting Various new spells, new gameplay and combat changes. Images (1) Youtube icon
Ancient Spells Adds 50+ spells from Oblivion and Morrowind. Images (1) Youtube icon
Apocalypse Spell Package Adds over 100 new spells. Images (1) Youtube icon
Summon Ice Wall Adds a spell that creates a massive wall of ice, breakable by enemies. Images (1) Youtube icon
Sustained Spells Adds a new spell that toggles a much longer duration of spells such as muffle, candlelight, waterbreathing, etc. Images (1) Comes with a toggle and a clear spell.
Spells Combinations Lets you combine spells. Images (1) Requires SKSE.


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Craftable Staves 30 craftable staves to the game Images (1) All have pre-applied enchantments.
Engineering Blueprint scrolls that lets you build Dwemer creations. Images (1) Image
Dragonborn Ascendant Complete re-balance to the shouting. Images (1)
More Powerful Shouts Make some weaker shout more worthy. Warning icon
Spend Dragon Souls For Perks Convert extra dragon souls into perks. Images (1) Perks are are added directly, not consumable.
Deadly Spell Impacts Fire, lightning, and frost spell impacts with their own unique textures. Images (1) Image
Burn Freeze Shock Effects Burned, frozen or desintegrated corpses. Images (1) Raw meat becomes cooked meat.
candle_light_no_bulb Removes the bulb when you use magelight or candlelight. Images (1) Image
Dovahkiin and the Apprentices of Thuum Teach shouts to your follower. Images (1) Converts dragon souls into shouts.
Spells Will Give Off Light Lighting effects added to all vanilla spell types, with different colors. Images (1) Image
Magic Duel Initiate a magical duel between you and an enemy. This mod makes it to where your magic will clash against another mages magic until one of you wins. (Think of this like beam struggles from DBZ but with Elder Scrolls Magic) Images (1) You can change the settings on how duels are initiated with the book that is added to your inventory.


Landscape and Environment


Overhauls textures and meshes of the world, most of them improving the quality and overall look of the game.

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Texture Pack Combiner Combines popular texture packs into one, each texture hand picked by the author for the best looking Skyrim possible.
Pre-packed and uploaded to Mediafire by Retnæ: Texture Pack Combined 1.71 + Project Parallax Patch
Questionmark icon
STEP Guide on how to make Skyrim a much better looking game. Images (1) Not an actual mod.
Skyrim HD 2k A massive texture replacement mod. Warning icon
Skyrim Realistic Overhaul Replaces vanilla textures with higher quality ones. Warning icon
Serious HD Retexture Skyrim Replaces most of the landscape textures with 2048 ones made from scratch but still based off vanilla. Warning icon Image Image Image
Skyrim Flora Overhaul New textures for trees, grass, shrubs, vegetation, etc. Images (1)
WATER Replaces all kinds of water textures, maps and behavior. Images (1)
Project Parallax Adds parallax mapping to most textures in Skyrim. Images (1) Requires ENB.
CLARALUX Adds new light sources all over Skyrim. Includes option files for tweaking brightness and radius.
Customization from within the game.
Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Static Mesh Improvement Fixes some meshes, mapping and other mistakes Bethesda leftover. Images (1) BARREL PHYSICS.
Enhanced Distant Terrain Enhances distant low-detail terrain by increasing noise and quality of the textures. Images (1)
Terrain Bump Enhanced terrain bump maps for vanilla textures. Images (1)
Lush Grass Enhances some foliage to make it look fuller and lush. Images (1)
Lush Trees Adds more branches to trees to make them look fuller and dense. Images (1)
Watery Rocks Makes river rocks look wet. Images (1)
Visible Windows High-resolution windows textures. Images (1)
Realistic Smoke and Embers Higher detailed and new textures related to embers and smoke. Images (1)
Glorious Grasses Increases the density of grass. Warning icon
More Grass Increases the density of grass. Warning icon
Bigger Trees Places massive trees all over Skyrim. Images (1)
More Rain Enables a more immersive rain, with fog, dense rain drops, and more. Images (1)
More Snow Makes the cold weather feel more realistic. Images (1) Lots of options, including wind and fog.
Footprints Puts footprints on snow, sand and other types of terrains as you and NPCs walk. Images (1)
Better Dynamic Snow Dynamic snow textures and bump map. Images (1)
That's Ice! Replaces the vanilla ice and glacier textures for something more realistic looking. Images (1)
Dramatic Clouds Increases the clouds textures resolution and make them appear smoother. Images (1)
Enhanced Night Skyrim High-resolution night sky textures based on real astrophotography. Warning icon Doesn't include the moons.
Aetherian Sky Night Aetherian night sky textures. Warning icon Somewhat lore-friendly.
Vibrant Auroras Makes Auroras more colorful and vibrant looking. Images (1)
Realistic Sunglare Makes sunglare more realistic. Images (1) Doesn't look good with some ENB configs.
Remove Ambient Interior Fog Removes the ambient fog from all interior locations. Questionmark icon Better perfomance for low-end PCs.
Designs of the Nords High-resolution textures of every Hold banner in Skyrim. Images (1)
Glowing Ore Veins 300 Makes ores and mineral veins colors bright and more apparent. Images (1)

Lighting and Effects

Name Description Conflicts Notes
ENB Graphical modification that adds HDR, true bloom, depth of field, SSAO, SSIL, sun rays, V-fog, and more.
Has several options for all kinds of PCs.
Questionmark icon Try the Customizer.
Project Reality Overhauls the lighting and weather systems, with thousands of new textures for the sky. Warning icon
Realistic Lighting The most flexible and extensive lighting mod out there, while still maintaining performance and quality.
Comes with extensive customization options.
Questionmark icon Warning icon Try Torches for Realistic Lighting.
IMAGINATOR Extensively change graphical settings not found in the vanilla game, to your taste.
Customization from within the game.
Warning icon
DYNAVISION Adds several customization options to depth of field to Skyrim.
Customization from within the game.
Warning icon
Shadow Striping Fix Indoor and Outdoor Fixes checkered/broken shadows all over Skyrim. Images (1) Image

User Interface

Name Description Conflicts Notes
SkyUI A complete inventory overhaul, along with a search function and better item sorting. Images (1) Requires SKSE.
Categorized Favorites Menu Adds categories to the favorites menu so it's not a clusterfuck. Images (1) Requires SKSE.
Immersion HUD Toggles HUD elements on and off in different situations, for an immersive gameplay. Images (1) Requires SKSE.
Youtube icon
A Quality World Map - With Roads Map with roads, with high-resolution textures. Images (1) Classic version requires a fix.
Fully Colored Map Markers Colors all possible map markers different colors. Images (1) Doesn't work on compass.
Compass Tuner Compass tweaker. Images (1) Contains an executable file.
Main Font Replacement Replaces the main font of the game with something more thematic. Images (1)
Player Created Map Marker -WIP Let's the player create their own map markers. Images (1)
Readable Dragon Alphabet Adds a translation of every dragon word in shouts. Images (1) Only shows up in the Powers menu.
One Click Looting As simple as it gets. Images (1)
Time on Loading Screen Adds your PC time to Skyrim loading screens. Warning icon
Grammatical loading Screens Grammar-nazi's the loading screen text. Warning icon
Uncle Sheogorath Funny observations from Sheogorath. Images (1)
Modern Day Calendar Names Converts Skyrim month names to Earth Calendar. Images (1)
Minimalist UI
All these mods combined will make the UI appear much more minimalist, but still functional.
Map HUD Enhanced Smaller markers with bigger cities, fullscreen, clean look with removed clutter, smaller time font. Images (1) Image Image Image
Neutral loading screen Removes tips, messages, statues and everything else from the loading screen. Warning icon Image
No Menu and Loading Smoke Removes the white smoke and fogginess from the menu and loading screens. Images (1) Image
No Bethesda Logo In Menu Removes the Bethesda Logo in the main menu. Images (1) Image
Small Crosshair Minimalistic crosshair, a simple dot. Images (1) Image
Smaller Cursor Decreases the size of the cursor, with a few options. Images (1) Image Image Image
Extra Hotkeys Extension to the hot key system. Images (1)
Unique Region Names Gives each region its proper name when outside, instead of "Skyrim." Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Skyrim Performance PLUS Lowers textures resolutions and removes "unnecessary" visual effects. Images (1)
Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized Optimizes texture resolutions from the official Hi-Res DLC. Images (1)
Skyrim configurator Edit .ini files and other settings using a GUI program. Images (1)



Check out these videos by SpiritJaivyn, he showcases some of the houses listed below.

Name Description Locations Notes
Dovahkiin Hideout Small cottage house with a complete underground base with lots of chests, rooms, even a recall amulet. Whiteriver. Image Image Image Youtube icon
Suncrest Hall Stylish mansion in between two waterfalls. Southeast of Ivarstead. Image Image Image
Two player houses by /vg/ regular Cham Cottage and an underground base. Falkreath/Riverwood. Image Image Image
Ranger Ridge Basic home for rangers. Whiteriver. Image Image Image Youtube icon
Deus Mons Massive castle with upside-down waterfall, a dragon, Dwemer toilet, a Dragon guarding the mansion, and more. South of the Throat of the World. Image Image Image Youtube icon
Anorith's Shack Small, decorated shack next to the shores. Has a special cave linked to the Thieves Guild quest-line. Lake Ilinalta. Image Image Image
The Asteria A Dwemer airship turned into a player-home. Lady Stone. Image Image Image
Gash Murug
Nexus icon Workshop icon
Abandoned Orc stronghold which you can now call home, made by a fellow /vg/ regular. Between Morthal and Whiterun. Image Image Image Youtube icon
Gold-Clover Simple player home in Riverwood, made by a fellow /vg/ regular. Riverwood. Image Image Image
Caravans by Basil
Rabbits Foot Caravan
Rusty Antler Caravan
Gleaming Salvage Caravan
Netch Fetcher Convoy
Abandoned caravans outside of Whiterun, Riften, Markarth an Dawnstar. Comes with domestic animals or a Dwemer Centurion action-figure. Various. Image Image Image
Rayeks End Small, secret hideout with a thief-theme. In between Riverwood and Whiterun. Image Image Image
Aemers Refuge Dwemer-style mansion with a dragon spawn. On a peak south of Ivarstead. Image Image Image
Dragonius Tower Massive dwemer-style tower. South of Helgen. Image Image Image
Instant Fortress Portable Dwemer fortress. Portable. Image Image Image
Windmill Shelter Windmill with a cozy interior, west of Riften. West of Riften. Image Image Image
Dragon Falls Manor Small mansion with waterfalls. East of Ivarstead. Image Image Image
Dwemer Aquarium Underwater base with windows, dwemer-style. East of Solitude. Image Image Image
Pinewoods Cottage Small cottage with everything you need. North-East of Falkreath. Image Image Image
Mammoth Home Open home with a bedroll and a chest. Check your map. Image Image Image
The Monastery of Stendarr A cozy windmill house with a garden. Check your map. Image Image Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
The Curse of the Grim Plunderer A wrecked ship filled with skooma-addicted ghosts, plus new flavors of Skooma available! Images (1) Image Image Image
Great House Barrow A Nordic ruin that contain multiple unique environments and enemies, made by a /vg/ regular. Images (1) Image Image Image
Ultimate Castle Defense Defend your castle against waves of enemies with your upgradable army and buildings. Images (1)
The Clockwork Adventure Explore Sotha Sil's Clockwork City via a portal in The Reach. Contains many locations from Sotha Sil Extended. Images (1)


New locations

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Hearthfire Edition
Small hamlet in Falkreath hold on the road between Falkreath and Riverwood populated by hunters. Images (1) Image Image Image
Amber Guard Small village in the Reach that has fallen to ruin over the last two centuries since the events of Arena. Images (1) Image Image Image
Laintar Dale
Hearthfire Edition
Small township in the snowy woods of The Pale. Images (1) Image Image Image
Granitehall Small village built around the Imperial Fort of the same name, overgrown by the forests around it. Images (1) Image Image Image
Riverhelm Complete new city in which you can become its Jarl, build an army, etc. Images (1) Image Image Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
A Better Whiterun Turns Whiterun into a construction site type of place. Images (1) Image Image Image
Whiterun Outskirts Market Adds a market a few houses just outside of Whiterun. Images (1) Image Image Image
Riverwood Redux Expansion project to make Riverwood a better place. Images (1) Image Image Image
Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins Expansion project that adds actual destroyed environments to the city of Winterhold. Includes a Hall of the Dead and underground ghost town. Images (1) Image Image Image
Skyrim Sewers Sewer system with quests, enemies, and more in Solitude, Whiterun and Windhelm. ESHS. Image Image Image
Highland Milk Farm Adds one farmhouse, a stable with Highland Cows, merchant, several potions and beverages. For all milkdrinkers out there. Images (1) Image Image Image
City Relighting Settlements have lights that go on and off as the day and night cycle changes. Images (1) Image Image Image
Buy Whiterun Lets you buy new houses, shops, a bank, and adds a passive salary. Images (1) Image Image Image
Better Riften Adds new NPCs, more props and locations in Riften. Images (1) Image Image Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Enderal WIP. Image Image Image
Skywind Brings Morrowind to the Skyrim engine.
Skyblivion Project to convert Cyrodiil and the rest of the Oblivion game to the Skyrim engine.
Tropical Skyrim Turns Skyrim into a tropical paradise.


Overhaul & Tweaks

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Extensible Follower Framework Up to 100 followers at the same time. Warning icon
Ultimate Follower Overhaul Complete re-work of the follower system. Warning icon
Amazing Follower Tweaks Light-weight tweaks to many aspects of the follower system. Warning icon


Name Description Location Notes
10 More Followers Adds 10 new followers with different combat-styles and some new locations to the game. Scattered. Image Image Image
Jango Mountable snow saber cat. Summon spell. Image Image Image
Oslo Polar bear pet. College of Winterhold. Image Image Image
Dwarven Luggage Portable chest with Dwarven spider legs on it. Blackreach. Image Image Image
Snorri Brown Bear Companion. Talos Statue, Windhelm Image Image Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Interesting NPCs Over 80 new NPCs, fully voice and with a few quests. Images (1)
Extra Blades Lets you recruit more than three Blades agents to the faction. Images (1)
Sons of Sithis Lets you recruit new members to the Dark Brotherhood, and use them as followers or agents. Images (1)
Minimum Skill Requirements For Guild Quests Requirements before you are able to join the guilds in Skyrim. Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Adventurers and Travelers NPCs that travel to different towns, hunt, sell merchandise, etc. Images (1)
Travellers of Skyrim Adds dozens of NPCs that travels all of Skyrim, including merchants and mercenaries. Images (1)
Expensive Skyrim Increase buy prices, and highly decrease sell prices. Warning icon
Cutthroat Merchants Decreases the amount of gold you get for selling items and increases the amount of gold you need to pay for buying items. Images (1)
Economia de Guerra Decreases gold rewards in quests, increases the price of houses, hirelings, etc. Warning icon
Misc Crafting Merchant
Workshop Mediafire
Adds an Argonian Merchant at Belethor's General Goods in Whiterun that sells semi-uncommon items that modders go crazy over in crafting recipes. Images (1)
Gryjm Gearborn Sells mainly Dwarven gear, trinkets, soul gems. Same link as above. Located at Old Hroldan Inn, The Reach. Images (1)
Summon Shadow Merchant Spell that lets you summon a mysterious merchant to your location. Images (1)
Nernie's Thief Pack Adds bookshop, jeweler, and player home to Windhelm. Expands upon the canals in Riften and adds a seedy shop for burglars and the like alongside a new player home and a bakery. Images (1)
Nernie's Ranger Pack Adds new wares to the Fletcher in Solitude, the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, two new player homes in the wild and a Ranger's Guild in Falkreath Images (1)
Nernie's Solitude and Village Expansion Expands upon solitude adding a bakery and new residences alongside expanding upon various villages. Questionmark icon Works well with Solitude Docks District



Name Description Conflicts Notes
And the Realms of Daedra A quest that features three Daedric realms. Images (1) Image Image Youtube icon
The Bigger They Are A quest involving the slaying of Skyrim's biggest Giant. Images (1) Image Image Youtube icon
No Mercy Investigate what happened at a chapel and the various dungeons beneath. Images (1) Image Image Youtube icon
Great House Barrow A Nordic ruin that contain multiple unique environments and enemies. Images (1) Image Image Image
Blackreach Railroad
Workshop icon Mediafire icon
Help a Dwemer machinist reactivate a train in the depths of Blackreach. Warning icon Image Image Youtube icon
Workshop icon Mediafire icon
Large Dwemer dungeon with several new rifles, a new centurion, and a large spaceship that the player may use as their own. Images (1) Requires Dawnguard
Image Image Youtube icon
Into the Depths Spooky mod. Investigate the remains of an old mine and stumble upon the horrors lurking inside. Images (1) Image Image Image
Moonpath to Elsweyr
& Moonpath Collection
Explore the exotic land of Elsweyr in this epic quest mod filled with unique creatures and setting unlike anything in Skyrim. Images (1) Image Image Youtube icon
Sea Of Ghosts Hunt riches and find other mysteries in the northern waters of Tamriel aboard the The Winter's Warmth. Images (1) Image Image Youtube icon
Sorcery Travel to the mountain side of the Reach to find a forgotten treasure of an old Sorcerer. Images (1) Image Image Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Books Books Books
Nexus icon Workshop icon
Adds over 200 books from previous games including stories written by developers. Images (1) Compatible with Unlimited Bookshelves.
Legend of Hulakuma Book that tells a story based off a screenshot on the Nexus. Images (1)
Portable Shrines Books that gives you the same blessing from Shrines. Images (1)
The Great Book of Alchemy A book with every alchemy recipe in the game. Images (1) Image Image Image
Sweeties Pawn Shop Image Image Image


Name Description Conflicts Notes
Jobs of Skyrim Adds jobs with quests like delivery, fetching, courier, drug-dealers, bounty hunters, etc. Images (1)


Name Description Conflicts Notes
A Thieves Treasure Adds 91 hidden treasures throughout Skyrim. Merge with Wrye Bash
Immersive Lore and Hidden Treasures Adds mini-quests, signs of conflicts and ambushes all over Skyrim, and other hidden stuff. Images (1)
Skyrim's Unique Treasures Adds hundreds of unique items throughout Skyrim for the taking. Images (1)


Bug Fixes

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Nexus Workshop
Fixes hundreds of bugs that Bethesda hasn't fixed yet. Full list of bug fixes can be found here.
Armor and Other Rigfixes Fixes various components of armor and clothes.
Weapon and Armor Fixes Fixes alot of inconsistencies with weapons and armor.
Draugr Shout Fix Makes Draugr shouts more powerful.
Follower Hunting Bow Fix Makes the follower Hunting Bow a playable item so you can remove it from their inventory.
Shadow Striping Fix Fixes striping caused by light in various places.
Dragonplate Helm Fix Fixes clipping issue Some beards and Orcs still clip.
Argonian Disarming Bash Fix Makes disarming bashes work for Argonians.
Bard Quest Fixes Fixes several bard quest bugs.
Quick Orc Fixes Fixes a few stronghold orc related problems.
Back Off Barbas Makes the mutt less pushy. Manual install only. Might not always work.
Keening Enchant Fix Gives Keening enchantment charges.
AMD ATI AA Pixelization Square Artifacts Glitch Hotfix
Skyrim Stuttering 64hz Bug Fix
Escorted Prisoner Fix
Lunar Forge Patch
Ancient Knowledge Fix
Vampire Lord Serana Bugfix Fixes vampire lord's drain attack doing do damage while serana is a follower.


These mods are things that either don't belong in the other articles, or doesn't really fit with the theme of the game.

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Posh Mud Crabs Adds top hats and monocles to mud crabs. Does not work with Shazbot Mud Crabs textures, but sounds work fine.
Shazbot Mud Crabs Mudcrabs say stuff from Tribes: Ascend Does not work with Posh Mud Crabs textures, but sounds work fine.
Tiny Angry Trolls Adds a staff to your game that summons mini trolls. Images (1)
Handyman Alters many basic tools and household items found in Skyrim so that they can be used as weapons. Images (1)
Berserk Black Swordsman Armor Adds the black swordsman armor from Berserk. Images (1)
Alice-Madness Returns Weapons v1-01 Adds weapons from the game Alice: Madness Returns. Images (1)
Dragon Ball Z Scouter Adds a Dragon Ball Z Scouter. Images (1)
Warhammmer 40,000 Space Marines Armor and Weapons Adds armor and weapons from Warhammer 40k. Images (1) For the Emperor.
Tifa Outfit Adds the Tifa outfit from Advent Children. Images (1) Weeaboo.
Waifu Scrolls Replaces the vanilla Elder Scrolls texture. Images (1)
Waifu Shields Adds Waifu-branded shields. Images (1) More information here.
Barrel Outfit Adds an outfit that turns your character into a barrel with legs. Images (1) Barrel.
Skullnight Armor Skullnight armor set ported to Skyrim. Images (1) Glowing eyes etc requires ENB.
Decorator Assistant Autism mode for fine-tuning your decorations. Images (1)
Unlimited Bookshelves Changes bookshelf limit to be based on width of book, instead of quantity.
Stones of Barenziah Quest Adds quest markers to all Stones of Barenziah locations. Images (1) Use at your own discretion.
Unread Books Glow Books which you have not read yet have a visible glow.
Lawrens RNG Guards Adds some variation to guards.
Dwemer Certified Build your own Dwemer army. Images (1)
Marts Savegame De-Bloatifier Cleans the save file of unused or useless information.
Cliffracers Adds attackable Cliffracers to the Morrowind border. Images (1) Make sure you loot them.
Dwemer Skyship fully flyable Adds a flyable Dwemer airship. Images (1)
Flyable Broomstick A flyable broomstick. Images (1) Sounds and animations are a bit lacking.
The Real Skyrim Falcon Punch Images (1)
50 Cent in Skyrim Puts the rapper "50 Cent" into Skyrim Images (1)
Ayane’s Hair Ayane's hairstyle from Dead or Alive. Images (1)
Nazi Loli Outfit A Nazi uniform Images (1)
Inphy Hair Inphy's hairstyle from Ninety Nine Nights. Images (1)
Waifu Shirts Shirts picturing your favorite /tesg/ waifus. Images (1)
Hilde Hilde from Soul Calibur. Images (1)
Call of Trainwiz Adds a shout that, when used, will create an effect similar to Alduin's meteor shower spell. Except instead of meteors, they're trains. Images (1) Image Youtube icon
Custom Sigils Create your own emblems and logos, and implement them on banners, cloaks, shields and more. Images (1) Image Image Image



Miss Morrowind but hate the aged gameplay? Wish Skyrim was more like Morrowind but retained its gameplay? Well, this is for you.

Name Description Conflicts Notes
Morrowind Mushrooms Moder Resources
Morrowind Colored Soul Gems
Morrowindized Artifacts
Morrowindized Racial Skill Bonusses and Resistances
Morrowind/Oblivion Beverages And Player Home
Morrowind Vampires
Morrowind Potion Names
Morrowind and Oblivion Race Heights
Morrowind levelup sound replacement
Tools of Kagrenac from Morrowind
Umbra - Morrowind Edition
Morrowind-style Male Imperial Armour
Cliffracers skree
Morrowind and Oblivion spells
Books From Morrowind
More Morrowind Like Glass Armor Texture
Morrowind Skooma circa 3rdEra 427-429 Makes Skooma similar to Morrowind
More Morrowind Like Glass Weapons Textur
Tamriel Compendium skill books
Morrowind/Oblivion Beverages Just Drinks
Dwemer specters Made by Trainwiz
Beast Race Feet
Moon-and-Star Ring - Morrowind Lore Friendly
Morrowind's Legendary rings
Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer - a Morrowind artifact
Morrowind the Ashlands
Moon-and-Star - a Morrowind artifact for Skyrim
Ring of Khajiit
The Drows Of Morrowind
Morrowind Weapons Additions
Morrowloot Makes item drop similar to Morrowind. With other mod that modify leveled list.
Merge them with wrye bash.
Morrowloot Nwah Edition
Morrowind Armor for Skyrim
Classic races
Argonian Raptor Feet
Mask of Sotha Sil Ported from Morrowind

Under Review

Not really. These mods have gathered some attention recently and are likely to enter the Wiki. They must first be tested before going to their respective sections.

Name Description Notes Status
Ritual Armor of Boethiah Adds retextured and modified dragon scale armor with a more sinister theme. Image Image Image Not tested yet.
Avatar of Grenth New dark armor based off the god Grenth in GW2. Image Image Image Not tested yet.
Improved closefaced helmets Overhauls the majority of closed helmets so eyes, mouth and other parts of the face are visible and not just pitch-black face. Argonians and Khajiit have their own unique helmets as well. Image Image Image Not tested yet.
Dragonplate Helmet Fix Fixes most clipping with the Dragonplate Helmet, as well as giving its own version for Argonians and Khajiit. Comes with an optional masked version as well. Image Image Image Not tested yet.
Immersive Loot Image Image Image Not tested yet.
MIGHTY DRAGONS An extensive overhaul of dragons and anything related to them, including encounters, stats, quests, new types and general difficulty.
Compatible with Deadly Dragons, Dragons Diversified, and other dragons mods.
Image Image Image Not tested yet.
Inquisitor Armor Compilation Black outfit that comes in both light and heavy set, for Vampires Hunters. Requires Dawnguard Image Image Image Not tested yet.
Battle Claws Six different sets of massive gloves with claws attached to it. Image Image Youtube icon Not tested yet.
Better MessageBox Controls Navigate through dialog and message boxes using your keyboard. Image Image Image Not tested yet.
Dawnguard Paladin Armor Shinier retexture of the Dawnguard armor sets. Image Image Image Not tested yet.
XRC HD Imperial Armory High quality textures for all the Imperial Army armors. Image Image Image Not tested yet.
WSBP - Windsong Skyrim Beauty Project v2 Image Image Image Not tested yet.
Fires Hurt Standing over or stepping in fires will actually hurt. Image Not tested yet.
Plate Armours - Credo StandAloneMod Two new and unique armor sets. Image Image Youtube icon Not tested yet.
Stoutheart Armor Modified version of Tsun's armor, light and heavy versions. Image Image Image Not tested yet.
School of Knowledge and Youth Adds a school outside Whiterun in which kids attend 5 days a week. Image Image Image Not tested yet.
Ethereal Elven Overhaul Image Image Image Not tested yet.
YY Anim Replacer - Zweihander Replaces the two-handed weapon animations. Image Image Youtube icon Not tested yet.
YY Anim Replacer - Natural Jump Replaces the jumping with weapons animations. Image Image Youtube icon Not tested yet.
New Animations for Elegant Archers Tweaks or uses new animations for bow and archery in general. Image Image Youtube icon Not tested yet.
Posers for Men New animations made for men. Image Image Image Not tested yet.
AOF Believable Hair New hair texture for most of the male and female hair models. Image Not tested yet.
Beards Adds 18 new types of beards. Not tested yet.
HN66s Long Eye Lashes Gives much longer Eye-Lashes to all females of your game. Image Image Not tested yet.
LFF Lore-Friendly Females realistic textures Dirtied UNP body and face textures. Image